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Sweet Treats and Design

Please check out our preferred partners.   These are some seriously fantastic people to work with. 

Competition BBQ

The Hook & Ladder BBQ competition team comprised of Jeff Dickinson and Jason Bauer have competed in several competitions in the past few years. The team’s real bragging rights come from taking first place for pork in the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour in Renton, Washington in April 2013. The team advanced to the Sam’s Club Regional in Las Vegas, Nevada competing against BBQ veterans like Johnny Trigg. The team took 11th place overall just one spot shy of moving on to the next round. 

Meet the Team

Jeff and Mike are the father son duo behind Hook & Ladder BBQ. These guys claim to be professional Firefighters and BBQ Pitmasters, but you can never tell with these two… 

The remaining team members

Consist of Shelley with creative ideas and Scott with legal advice, Staci with communication direction, social media and advertising expertise, Joanne with accounting and business management skills and Blake as our family MD keeping us happy and healthy. Lastly there is Rowan as our Pitmaster in training and aspiring artist who is responsible for our incredible Hook & Ladder artwork.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create delicious low-and-slow, wood fired, smoking hot BBQ. We season our meats with signature rubs and take our time to let the meat reach its peak flavor. We seek to meet our clients’ unique wants and desires for a custom BBQ experience.

Our Promise

We guarantee once our meats melt in your mouth you will be left dreaming of more! We take exceptional pride in our work and will always help you satisfy all of your carnivorous cravings! Drop by and see us at our next event or contact us about setting up your own private BBQ experience.

How we got started

Jeff has been a firefighter with the Monroe Fire Department for 16 years. Firefighters work weird schedules, and about six years ago Jeff started occupying his time by learning the art of BBQ. Using his unsuspecting friends and family as guinea pigs, Jeff started perfecting his recipes until he consistently turned out perfectly smoked BBQ. In 2013, Jeff got the family together and pitched his dream – opening a mobile BBQ catering business. Everyone was thrilled about the idea and Hook & Ladder BBQ opened their “window” in April 2013. It’s been an amazing first year building the business and getting people hooked on Hook & Ladder BBQ.

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